Ontario watermelon season peaks during August and September, but refreshing, sweet, nutrient packed watermelon can be enjoyed year-round thanks to our friends from the south. Feast on watermelon through the fall and winter with these five delicious ideas:

  1. Warm up with watermelon - Don't forget to incorporate watermelon into savoury, spicy dishes to warm you up during colder months. Spicy jalapeno pepper and sweet watermelon make a perfect match. Try the Watermelon Raspberry Jalapeno Salsa or Kung Pao Shrimp.

  2. Wind down with watermelon – As the sun sets on a cool fall day, unwind with a Watermelon Cherry Mojito. Let that familiar sweet flavour tickle your lips then waken your taste buds. This Mojito with a twist is a delicious way to relax. Having a sweet craving? A Watermelon Raspberry Lemonade uses fresh watermelon, frozen raspberries and sparkling water for a quick guilt-free slushy drink to enjoy during prime time TV.

  3. Make room for watermelon at the festive table – Toss out that canned cranberry jelly and try something different this holiday season with a Watermelon Cranberry Sauce. Homemade and served warm or cold, this sauce made in 30 minutes gives a twist to your ordinary cranberry sauce. The sweet watermelon paired with the tartness of cranberries makes this an excellent addition to the table.

  4. Spooky Jack-o-Melon - Diversify your Halloween décor this year with a Jack-o-Melon. Carve a watermelon the same as you would a pumpkin, except eat all the delicious fruit inside. Your carved creations will have your neighbours seeing green with envy. Click here for ideas!

  5. Holiday cut-outs fun for the kids - Have all the fun of holiday baking without the baking. Using your favourite holiday cookie cutters, cut shapes out of watermelon rounds. Ice with vanilla frosting or yogurt and decorate with your favourite sprinkles. Red watermelon already makes a great holiday colour. The added bonus, these watermelon "cookies" are good for you! Click here for ideas!

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