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The original, to-go treat

Remember tearing around the backyard with friends - watermelon slices in our hands as we threw a ball with the other, tagged someone "it" or jumped in a pool? We were the original multitaskers at play and watermelon was the original, to-go treat.

We're still multitaskers, but at work and with our families and friends. We're so busy we often need a meal "to go". And watermelon is still the perennial, portable food. It's perfect diced, sliced, balled, and blended. Toss it in a jar and it's your healthy go-to, whether a side, salad or hero of the meal.

We've had a lot of fun creating and tasting our watermelon on-the-go recipes. We hope you enjoy sharing these recipes with others as much as we do with you.

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