We have all the information you'll need at the retail level here, including types of watermelon, availability charts, and PLU/UPC codes.

Did you know that watermelon grows in over 96 countries worldwide and there are over 1,200 types of watermelon?

The National Watermelon Promotion Board is now licensed to share with the industry the Partnership for Food Safety Education's Be Food Safe national consumer food safety education effort. Soon we hope to be participating with in-store watermelon promotions and other efforts to bring together public health and private company efforts to significantly increase nationally the exposure of consumers to the core four messages of safe food handling: Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill.

Here is an excerpt as it pertains especially to fresh produce: "Clean."

Be Food Safe

Watermelon Types

Watermelon was grown by the ancient Egyptians, and it's still evolving today.

Because of new developments in watermelon varieties, the market for watermelon continues to grow and change. A decade ago, the development of seedless varieties practically revolutionized the watermelon market, making this age-old fruit appealing to today's more discriminating consumers. Other varieties, like yellow and orange flesh watermelon, have also created additional intrigue and appeal, opening up the market to new consumers.

So what's next in the world of watermelon? We can't say, but you can be sure that whatever it is, the NWPB will play in integral role in bringing it to you.

Watermelon Types


PLU and UPC Codes

Watermelon PLU´s include the following:
4031 - Red Seeded Watermelon
4032 - Red Seedless Watermelon
4347 - Fresh Cut/Half Watermelon *Stop and Shop
4340 - Yellow Seeded Watermelon
4341 - Yellow Seedless Watermelon
3281 - Orange Seedless Watermelon
4331 - Mickey Lee/Sugar Baby
3421 - Mini Seedless Watermelon UPC Codes
3494 - Yellow Mini Seedless Watermelon

4342 to 4376 - This series of PLU codes is available for retailer assignment. They can be used to distinguish a specialty watermelon, a unique size or cut melons.

There are five UPC codes established so far for watermelon. All are for use with manufacturer #033383. This manufacturer number is a generic watermelon manufacturer number.
402406 - Red Flesh Seedless Watermelon
402413 - Orange Flesh Seedless Watermelon
402420 - Red Flesh Seeded Watermelon
402437 - Mini Seedless Watermelon
402475 - Mini Seedless 2-count boxes
402635 - Yellow Seedless Watermelon
402642 - Mini Yellow Seedless Watermelon - 2 ct mesh bag
402697 - Organic - Mini Seedless Watermelon - 1 ct mesh bag
911236 - Mini Yellow Seedless Watermelon
911243 - Mini Orange Seedless Watermelon

Should you be interested in applying for your own UPC code and manufacturer number, you may use the above UPC codes or you may choose your own.

The NWPB can apply for a new PLU or a new UPC directly through the Produce Marketing Association. Information is available on their website at this link: PMA Product Identification

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