In this section, you will find important information and resources for you, the retailer, that will help with stimulating watermelon sales in your store. Make sure your employees are handling watermelon correctly, both cut and whole. We also offer free materials to send to your store for consumer giveaways, such as recipe brochures and kid's coloring books!

Best Practices

Make The Most of Watermelon Displays

The degree to which high-graphic bins increase sales is something that will certainly get your attention. Our studies have shown that by using 2-color or 4-color bins, you can increase your watermelon sales on average 68% over generic (kraft) bins and 149% over displaying watermelon on the floor.

Display Whole and Cut Watermelon Side By Side

Another factor in attracting attention and generating sales comes from where watermelon is displayed. Placing whole and cut watermelon close together creates great eye-appeal and has proven to increase whole watermelon sales by an average of 76% (compared to separately displaying whole and cut melons).

Watermelon Is Wanted Year-Round

Best Practices We've made great strides in promoting the year-round enjoyment of watermelon. And it's working. Our studies show that while sales of whole watermelons do rise sharply during the summer months, there is a demand for whole watermelon throughout the rest of the year, particularly in spring and fall. And fresh cut watermelon is popular in every season. So stop thinking of watermelon as a seasonal buy. If you put watermelon out for sale, it may sell.

Give Health Conscious Consumers What They Want - Watermelon

Take advantage of every opportunity to promote the many health benefits of watermelon. Include nutrition information wherever you can - on signs and displays, in newsletters and ads. Research shows that 23% of consumers are interested in learning about the health benefits of watermelon, which is as likely to lure consumers as the fact that it´s a fun food to eat.

You Can Only Sell It If You Stock It

Perhaps the simplest and most obvious way to increase sales is simply to stock more watermelon year-round. 24% of consumers surveyed will shop at another store or not buy fruit at all if they can't find their preferred type of melon.

Join the team?

How would you like to be a part our testing team? It's a great way to learn first-hand what works and what doesn't. And, it's easy. We'll work with you to set up store groups to study a particular merchandising aspect over a specific period of time. Then, just provide us with the sales figures from the testing period. We take care of the analysis and you'll be the first to hear the results. We may even offer a promotional reward for your participation.

Order Materials

To assist your store in stimulating sales and promoting watermelons throughout the year, the National Watermelon Promotion Board offers the items below.

Consumer Food Safety Card w/ Cutting Instructions

Features easy watermelon chunking instructions on one side and food safety techniques on the other side.

Omniubus Brochure

Contains 15 recipes for kids and adults as well as 4 easy carvings, easy watermelon ideas and health information.
Preview pdf

Food Services Brochure

Contains 8 food services recipes as well as carvings, serving ideas, tips and basics.
Preview Picture

Double-Sided Recipe Cards

One side features Breakfast A Go-Go, the other Fire and Ice Salsa
Preview Picture

Coloring Book

Features an educational story about the J. Slice watermelon character fighting laziness and junk food. Now available in spanish. (limits do apply on this.)
Preview pdf

Activity Sheet

Features a fun word find, a picture to color and other games for kids.
Preview pdf

J. Slice Stickers

Features J. Slice on a skateboard

J. Slice Poster

14"x 20" poster featuring J. Slice and health messages

Best Practices Poster

An illustrated backroom poster for retailers contains 10 handling and marketing tips.
Preview pdf

Handling Guide

A backroom tool for retailers featuring proper storage and cutting techniques.
Preview pdf

Lycopene Leader Stickers

Features our watermelon smile with the "Lycopene leader in fresh produce" logo.

Heart Healthy Stickers

Features the new NWPB "Heart Healthy" watermelon logo.

Free Promo Items Form

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