Back To Basics: 8 Surprising Watermelon Flavor Pairings

Did you know that taste is ranked as the #1 reason people reach for watermelon*? For those seeking to add a special zest to their summer slice, we’ve created a list of some of our favorite watermelon flavor pairings that are so simple, yet so delicious. Try each pairing one of two ways: mixed into a recipe or topped on your next slice.


Sweet to savory, light to rich, the complementary flavor combination of rich cheese and juicy watermelon makes for a mouthwatering summer snack.


Try it on a slice: Arugula + Balsamic + Parmesan


Try it in a recipe: Watermelon Feta Skewers


Drizzle, dunk or dip. This pairing is all about enhancing the sweetness levels.


Try it on a slice: Honey + Pistachios


Try it in a recipe: Watermelon Oat Flour Waffles


Perfect as a simple sprinkle on a slice or around the rim of a margarita. It’s no wonder it’s a popular pairing of choice!


Try it on a slice: Agave + Salt


Try it in a recipe: Watermelon Margarita on the Rocks


Serve your watermelon with a savory, spicy sidekick that adds just the right amount of fiery flavor.


Try it on a slice: Onion + Lime + Chili


Try it in a recipe: Fire and Ice Salsa


The distinct flavor of lemon combined with fresh watermelon meld together beautifully to make a deliciously bright combo.


Try it on a slice: Jicama + Ginger + Lemon


Try it in a recipe: Watermelon Lemonade


Talk about a hydrating combo. Mix watermelon and cucumber for a serious hit of refreshment.


Try it on a slice: Cucumber + Feta + Mint


Try it in a recipe: Spiralized Salad


Not as obvious of a pairing, but just as delicious. Try this protein-packed pairing when you need a fuel-up.


Try it on a slice: Avocado + Salmon + Cilantro


Try it in a recipe: Salmon Watermelon Sliders


Whether you’re looking for sweet or spicy flavors, watermelon and coconut offer endless possibilities.


Try it on a slice: Coconut + Curry


Try it in a recipe: Watermelon Coconut Froth

*2017 Summer Watermelon Consumer Study.
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