A Healthier New Year with Watermelon

With every New Year comes the promise of a fresh start and new beginnings: going to the gym, eating healthier, getting eight hours of sleep – the list goes on. Too often we find ourselves wondering what went wrong as we binge watch shows until 11PM on a Tuesday night. The reason many abandon their resolutions so early is because results take time and patience.

Make this year different! Whether you wish to get in shape or simply improve your overall health, watermelon can help.

  1. Skip the Sweets. Kick those candy cravings to the curb! Watermelon is just as sweet but with none of the guilt. Mold into popsicles or build a sundae bar next time that sweet tooth comes knocking.

  2. Process Protein. If hitting the gym more often is on your list of resolutions, look no further. Watermelon contains vitamin B6, which may help break down protein and give your workout a boost!

  3. Stay Lean. Watermelon is cholesterol free, fat free and only 80 calories per 2-cup serving, meaning you can fill up without filling out. Score! Toss a few cubes onto your fave salad or start your day right with a nutritious breakfast featuring watermelon.

  4. Recover Quickly. In addition to antioxidants and B vitamins, watermelon contains citrulline – an amino acid that may help alleviate muscle soreness. Use watermelon juice for post-workout fuel that is both delicious and nutritious!

  5. Take It to Go. Drop the bland, pre-packaged snacks and reach for something that's both healthy and delicious. From nutritious smoothies to simple sliced sticks, watermelon is an easy on-the-go snack!

Choose the path that best fits your lifestyle in the New Year:

Fitness Focused Fitness Focused
For those who wish to get bring their health, body and mind into the zone and up their game at the gym.

Everyday Health
For those who seek convenient solutions that fit their busy lifestyle but help them do better for their health.

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