In the fast lane with Ross Chastain

Meet Ross Chastain: eighth-generation watermelon farmer, Florida native and professional race car driver!

Racing since he was 12 years old, Ross now completes full-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series (career best finish is 4th place) and part-time in the Monster Energy Cup Series (career best finish is 18th place).

Wondering how to spot Ross on the track? Look for the watermelon car! Ross brings his passion for watermelon and agriculture to the racetrack through a watermelon-themed stock car, sponsored by and Florida Watermelon Association. Watermelon for the win!

Ross Chastain Racecar

Look for Ross (and the watermelon car) at the following races in 2018:  

  • May 26: Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • July 24-25: Delaware State Fair
  • July 30-August 4: Watkins Glen International
  • September 9: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • October 1-7: Dover International Speedway
  • November 17: Homestead Miami Speedway
NWPB is proud to support Ross in his speedy endeavors. Go, Ross, go!

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Ross Chastain is so AWESOME my husband and I just love his enthusiasm and energy..great for NASCAR!!what kind of watermelons does his family grow..our out here are not very juicy or tasty, but you get that in the desert ..I miss watermelon

Thanks for being such an amazing Ross fan! And a fan of watermelon! We hope you get your hands on a juicy slice soon. :)

So glad u support Ross he represents what is good in America. Hard work and living the American dream. Thanks to him I’ll go have some watermelon now

Iam from Arkansas and we love watching Ross race the watermelon car and race the trucks!!! He can wheel anything you put him in!! Keep up the good work Ross !

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