Slice of Joy Instagram Contest

Win Sweet Prizes All Summer Long!

What does happiness look like to you? A family day by the pool? A grill out with friends? A quiet corner with a book? A juicy wedge of watermelon all to yourself?

Show us what puts a smile on your face with watermelon!

Snap, snack and share your moments of joy with us this summer for a chance to win sweet watermelon swag. Enter weekly from Memorial Day through Labor Day by posting your pictures and caption to Instagram: My Slice of Joy is _____________. #SliceOfJoyContest


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Yes Summer is the best ! and a slice of Joy is Watermelon Ice Cream is the best and so easy to make ! 2 cups watermelon puree 1 can sweetened condensed milk and a container of cool whip mix well and freeze !


My slice of joy is having watermelon for every meal and drinks. and dessert.

That sounds like our kind of menu! 😊

My slice of joy is watermelon with my grandsons.

Watermelon is the besssssssssssssst!

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