Top 10 Tips To Throw The Best 4th Of July Bash

HBD, America! Red, white and blue never looked so chic.

1. KISS: Keep It Simply Sliced
Sorry not sorry, we had to start with the obvious. It’s safe to say that watermelons are the symbol of summer. Because let’s be real, is there anything more American than chomping away on a chin-dribbling slice of juicy watermelon on a hot afternoon?


2. Float On
From Instagram-ready unicorns to a floating serving bar, it’s not summer unless you have one.


(image via @bgman333)

3. Build a Board
Have you heard? Appetizers are the new dinner party, and it’s time to take your charcuterie plate to the next level.


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4. No Filter Needed
Keep guests laughing with a selfie station – or better yet, challenge them to wear a “watermelon dress.”


(image via @paigeylaine)

5. Keep Cool
Create a hydration station! Simple infused watermelon water gives your event an instant upgrade. Mix and match your favorite herbs – some of our perfect pairings include basil, mint and lime.


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6. Drink Up
No party is complete without a watermelon keg – trust us.


(image via @thefeedfeed)

7. Serve Summer Salads
This patriotic fruit salad is red, white and bursting with flavor. Best of all? It’s easy to make! The American dream.


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8. Flower Power
Need a quick tip on decorating your space? Watermelons are more than just delicious – they make beautiful centerpieces as well! (#TeamNoWaste)


(image via BiancaDottin.com)

9. Fire Up The Guac
Served in a mini watermelon bowl, this spicy Firecracker Guacamole is low in sodium, a good source of vitamin C and perfect for your 4th of July celebration!


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10. Have A Blast
What would the 4th of July be without any fireworks? Bring a blanket, sit back and relax, because you just hosted the most perfect patriotic party!


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