Watermelon Wondermelon Contest Winners

More than 300 watermelon-inspired artwork and slogan entries were submitted in the first Student Art & Slogan Writing Contest, hosted by the National Watermelon Promotion Board and The Education Center. The contest invited Elementary-aged students from around the country to create watermelon works of art and slogans.

As part of the contest, the Watermelon Board encouraged teachers to utilize a toolkit of resources including a classroom watermelon lesson, investigation project (grades K-2) and research project (grades 3-5). Slogan and art starter guides were also provided to teachers to help introduce students to slogans and how to create effective artwork.

The grand prize student’s entry in the art category came from 5th grader Stephanie Brinson from Humble, TX and included both artwork and a slogan and is called “Be cool, Eat your thirst away, watermelon’s on the way!” The slogan grand prize contest winner is 5th grader Rachel Zeitner from Bath, Pennsylvania whose entry read “When life gives you watermelons, give a smile.”

“Stephanie’s winning artwork was incredibly unique and intuitively spoke to the incredible benefits of watermelon including hydration and versatility,” said Stephanie Barlow, NWPB Senior Director of Communications. “Rachel’s slogan was upbeat and perfectly captured the idea that watermelon brings about happiness.”

Although not originally planned, judges were so impressed with the quality of entries that in addition to the top winners in each category, seven students were awarded Honorable Mention (five in the art category and two in the slogan category, respectively).
The views expressed here do not represent those of the National Watermelon Promotion Board or United States Department of Agriculture.

Art Entries

Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize art category winner

Honorable Mentions

  • Watermelon Pastel Still Life
  • Its Juicy Sweet
  • Watermelon on Table Still Life
  • Kallie V. Grade 4
  • Rhett C. Grade 4

All of the Art

  • Adam W. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Adaya H. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Adriana T. Grade 5 h.jpg
  • Aidan V. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Alejandro D. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Alexandria-R. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Alexis Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Alivia C. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Alivia P. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Allison A. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Althea T. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Alyssa G. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Amanda M. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Amy W. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Ana T. Grade 1 th.jpg
  • Andrew J. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Anna Y. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Ariadna S. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Atara Y. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Audrey W. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Ava L. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Ava M. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Be Cool th.jpg
  • Ben J. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Beyonca B. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Brandon N. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Bree S. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Brooke H. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Brooklyn L. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Carissa G. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Carmen E. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Carsen F. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Carson C. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Chava S. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Chloe D. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Chloe H Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Collin A. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Collin L. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Cora C. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Cory W. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Cristina V. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Daisy C. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Daisy G. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Damian G. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Dana P. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Dane J. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Darrin L. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • David V. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Delany R. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Denaajah J. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Desiree M. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Dexter S. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Diego M. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Diego S. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Domunique Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Ella D. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Ellie S. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Ellie W. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Elliot G. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Ellis B. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Emily W. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Emma B. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Emma M. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Emma S. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Evvie K. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Faigy S. Grade 5 No2 th.jpg
  • Faigy S. Grade 5 No3 th.jpg
  • Faigy S. Grade 5 No4 th.jpg
  • Faigy S. Grade 5 No5 th.jpg
  • Faigy S. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Falcata T. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Gage S. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Gracey E. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Hailey R. Grade 3 No2 th.jpg
  • Hailey R. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Hunter A. Grade 4 No2 th.jpg
  • Hunter A. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Ian M. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Its Juicy Sweet HM th.jpg
  • Izzy G. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Jack S. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Jacob H. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Jaidyn W. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Jake R. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Janalee K. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Jaylin P. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Jazelle P. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Jazmin B. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Jeniyah M. Grade 3 No2 th.jpg
  • Jeniyah M. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Jennifer G. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Joseph S. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Julia N. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Kaden M. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Kallie V. Grade 4 HM th.jpg
  • Kallie V. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Kate R. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Kendal C. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Kenna V. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Kiersten B. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Kloey W. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Kyle K. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Kylie G. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Kylie M. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Kylie O. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Kytalynn H. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Lacey J. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Lexi P. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Lexi R. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Lia P. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Lia V. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Lieyan R. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Lindsey C. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Logan C. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Logan S. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Lydia B. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Lyzaya D. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • MaKaylee K. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Mallory D. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Mario Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Martin M. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Mason J. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Mason W. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Matthew C. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Mauricio M. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Michael T. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Mikayla N. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Miranda R. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Morgan H. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Natalie C. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Natalie S. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Nathan W. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Nicholas C. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Nikhita S. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Olivia A. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Owen W. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Paola C. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Payton H. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Peyton G. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Princess M. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Pyper M. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Raeghan C. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Raynee A. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Rhett C. Grade 4 HM th.jpg
  • Rhett C. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Ricardo M. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Rilynn B. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Robert Z. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Rodney K. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Rohit V. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Ryan H. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Rylee P. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Rylee R. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Sage E. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Sam S. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Samantha M. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Samantha S. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Sawyer R. Grade 4 th.jpg
  • Selina A. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Serenity A. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Shyla V. Grade 2 th.jpg
  • Sierra S. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Sonia C. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Stephanie B. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Tavis B. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Tzipora S. Grade 5 th.jpg
  • Walter A. Grade 3 th.jpg
  • Watermelon on Table Still Life HM th.jpg
  • Watermelon Pastel Still Life HM th.jpg
  • Zack G. Grade 5 th.jpg

Slogan Entries

Grand Prize Winner

When life gives you watermelons, give a smile! Rachel Z., Grade 5

Honorable Mentions

ABC watermelon for me.Ava. L., Grade 2
Yesterday I was hungry, today I’ll eat watermelon, tomorrow I’m a winner.Carlos M., Grade 4

All of the Slogans

For a Healthy future choose Water.A.Mellon!Hailey L., Grade 3

Watermelon is red, rain is blue, grow watermelon, it’s good for you!Ian M., Grade 5

Watermelon is a cold summer treat!Beyonca B., Grade 5

A bought item that is very delicious, and contains things that are nutritious.Sam S., Grade 5

Slice it, dice it, eat it and get your vitamins.Lina C., Grade 4

Slice it … dice it … eat it.Edward S., Grade 4

Juicy, healthy, good so awesome. Eat more.Lydia B., Grade 2

Watermelon is good for you and you can eat the watermelon for lunch.Issac D., Grade 4

Watermelon tastes so good, I just want to eat it all day. That’s the slogan I want to tell you, that’s all I have to say!Finn H., Grade 2

It’s good, and it’s good for you.Martin M., Grade 4

It’s a real treat to eat all day long.Kaitlin P., Grade 5

Slice it dice it eat it and it will make your day!Bianca P., Grade 4

Best, yummy fruit ever.Nikhita S., Grade 3

Slice it … dice it … eat it!Daniel V., Grade 4

Take the big vitamins.Michael W., Grade 4

Fresh, good, delicious, and it is green!Jazmin B., Grade 3

Do you have watermelon I need my nutrition.Lina C., Grade 4

Redder is better!Marissa H., Grade 4

My hands are sticky, but the watermelon is delicious!Kyle K., Grade 5

Have a little more taste with watermelon.Sophie K., Grade 4

Eat the watermelon not beat the watermelon.Nathan L., Grade 5

A slice of delight!Lily M., Grade 5

Live life right: water needed and taste great – al in watermelon!Carlos M., Grade 4

Taste the water eat the melon.Carlos M., Grade 4

Watermelon watermelon good for your heart delicious and nutritious from the start.William M., Grade 4

1. Sweet 2. Delicious 3. Juice 4. Sticky 5. Messy 6. Drippy 7. Red 8. Oval 9. Fruit 10. Fresh 11. HomegrownJayden M., Grade 3

Red, green and black. Red, green and black. The flag of watermelon is red, green and black.Georgia D., Grade 2

Watermelon oval or round watermelon seeds or no seeds the best fruit around.Jacob D., Grade 4

What’s the best fruit in the world watermelon will make you whirl.Hope G., Grade 4

Juicy, fruity, water mellony.Payton H., Grade 5

A fun and healthy pledge, salute the watermelon wedge. Fight obesity, heart disease and diabetes.Aidan K., Grade 2

Eat watermelon not just junk food.Desiree M., Grade 3

Please eat a wealthy watermelon! Full of vitamins and nutrients!Kaden M., Grade 5

Water without melon is just water; however water with melon is watermelon!Carlos M., Grade 4

Have you ever tasted watermelon? Its’ the juiciest fruit you’ll ever taste! Alivia P., Grade 4

The juice is jamming.Lexi P., Grade 2

Eating watermelon is healthy for your skin.Lathan R., Grade 5

Full of joy, full of juice, packed full of goodness for you.Jake R., Grade 4

Some watermelons grown snappy which will make you happy.Diego S., Grade 5

Beware of watermelon it “seeds” everything you do.Faigy S., Grade 5

Good sweet juicy watermelon with vitamins A, B6 and C.Shyla V., Grade 2

Always think watermelon is the best.Damian G., Grade 3

A smile, is a treat!Kylie G. Grade 4

Watermelon: it is so awesome! We love watermelon!Peyton G., Grade 4

Watermelons aren’t just for the beach, they have “waves” of vitamin “sea!!!”Laura H., Grade 5

1 + 1 = 2 is like healthy + delicious = watermelon.Carlos M., Grade 4

Wonderful watermelons the watermelons have a bunch of nutrition.Miranda R., Grade 4

Watermelon; the juicy, crunchy, vegruit! It’s a vegetable, it’s a fruit.Ronin M., Grade 5

Watermelon is seet like candy it makes you feel super dandy.Faigy S., Grade 5

Watermelon what a treat watermelon juicy and sweet.Faigy S., Grade 5

If you have no drink watermelon is perfectly sweet.Faigy S., Grade 5

Eat delicious watermelon.Corbin S., Grade 4

Watermelon waters your mouth.Jack S., Grade 4

Tasty good healthy watermelons.Althea T., Grade 2

The fruit that puts the sweet in your summer – watermelon!Lia V., Grade 4

Big juicy watermelon full of fun.Janalee K., Grade 4

Tasty, fruit, juicy, melon, have you had you watermelon today.Brooklyn L., Grade 4

One slice of watermelon will bring you to … paradise!Jeniyah M., Grade 3

Watermelon is healthy and delicious!Dana P., Grade 4

Watermelons are nutritious and delicious!Sawyer R., Grade 4

Watermelon take a slice, it’ll be nice!Delany R., Grade 4

It’s sweet, delicious, juicy, its’ a watermelon.Lieyan R., Grade 4

You go on a wild ride with a wonderous watery watermelon!Natalie S., Grade 4

Watermelon, green, red, and black the taste will have you comin’ back.Emma S., Grade 4

Eat a watermelon like a pro player so you can power up.Maria V., Grade 3

Watermelon watermelon get yourself sweet watermelon because it’s the best food ever.Aidan W., Grade 4
Wacky wet wonderful woman wear weird watermelon warm-blooded work for whatever workout.Amanda M., Grade 2

When you get watermelon it can save your life when you are in trouble.Ricardo M., Grade 3

Have a slice of the dice with watermelon!Sophie K., Grade 4

Watermelon is a cool summer treat!David V., Grade 4

Sweat juicy seeds hard green soft yummy enormous red heavy cold tasty.Brooklyn C., Grade 3

Watermelon is so good when you eat it you don’t gain weight.Kaitlin P., Grade 4

Amazing melon, and delicious melon. It’s red, round. It’s a watermelon!Serenity, Grade 3

It is not a good meal without sweet, juicy, and nutritious watermelon.Adriana C., Grade 5

You will spin for the best fruit watermelon is healthy and sweet.Hope G., Grade 4

If one slice is good, the two slices are better.Morgan H., Grade 5

Wicked watermelon.Brandon N., Grade 4

Healthy and tasty.Cora C., Grade 5

A watermelon is a melomelon.Xander D., Grade 5

Every one can have watermelon. Taste the water and eat the melon.Uriel E., Grade 4

It’s juicy it’s great.Carsen F., Grade 4

Seed spittin’ good!Daisy G., Grade 5

Delight in every bite!Daisy G., Grade 5

Sweet and good for you and your BF! (Best Friend)Jacob H., Grade 5

Eat us we are yummy, good and we hydrate you!Zach R., Grade 5

Taste the water and the melon and then taste the watermelon.Aaliyah S., Grade 4

Red, green and yummy to eat! Munch, crunch – it can’t be beat!Kandiss S., Grade 5

Watermelon wondermelon wonderful watermelon.Faigy S., Grade 5

Watermelon isn’t just full of good vitamins – it’s delicious and nutritious!Joseph S., Grade 5

Watermelon’s good, our relationship’s juice, nothing makes it juicier other than you.Michael T., Grade 5

Drink the water taste the melon.Angelina V., Grade 4

Who wouldn’t fight for watermelon.Domunique W., Grade 3

Delightful by taste, frightful by size!Robert Z., Grade 5

Think juicy.Mason Z., Grade 2

A sweet treat!Alivia C., Grade 4

Its’ juice sweet.Brooke H., Grade 4

Cool, jazzy, melon, watermelon.Allison A., Grade 5

Watermelon is the best better then chicken.Ayeda Z., Grade 4

Watermelon is wheely good!Cristina V., Grade 3

Yummy, yummy watermelon. Packed with nutritious vitamins!Mason W., Grade 4

Wet watery watermelon.Hunter A., Grade 4

Awesome watermelon.Rilynn B., Grade 2

Don’t stop eating that watermelon!Tavis B., Grade 3

They’re yummy! They’re healthy! They’re watermelons!Eva B., Grade 5

Smile it’s watermelon!Kiersten B., Grade 5

Eat watermelon every day it will be the best day YAY.James C., Grade 4

Just taste the watermelon.Donavon C., Grade 3

Red, white and green, watermelon, watermelon juicy and delicious.Rachel G., Grade 2

Watermelons are juicy and full of fruit deliciousness.Ben J., Grade 4

Juicy fruit watermelon.Rodney K., Grade 2

Juicy fruitie watermelon.Kiertsten L., Grade 5

Watermelons are tasty and juicy and I think watermelons are melontastic.Gabriel M., Grade 4

Watermelon has vitamins to keep you healthy.Owen W., Grade 4

Watermelon is full of nutrients.Anna Y., Grade 4

Here comes smiles because watermelon is here.Olivia A., Grade 4

Vitamins A, B and C are all in watermelon.Ellis B., Grade 4

Every slice of watermelon is a stored memory.Mallory D., Grade 4

Watermelon a sweet treat full of vitamin A.Isabella G., Grade 4

Make a delicious mess – with a sweet watermelon.Jennifer G., Grade 4

Feel great! Eat juicy watermelons.Adaya H., Grade 2

The most refreshing thing in the world is watermelon.Ryan H., Grade 4

Pledge to eat more watermelon.Andrew J., Grade 2

Watermelon is an everyday snack!Nathan W., Grade 4

Share healthy watermelon with your family.Kloey W., Grade 2

Watermelons are wonderful!Emily W., Grade 3

Be “cool!” Eat your thirst away watermelon’s on the way!Stephanie B., Grade 5

Watermelon: variety is the “slice” of life.Logan C., Grade 5

Have a watermelon, a fun filled fruit slice.Carmen E., Grade 4

Sweet and juicy watermelons give a smile every day.Sage E., Grade 4

Watermelon is a slice of life!Alyssa G., Grade 4

Watermelon – juicy, sweet, and quite a treat!Hannah K., Grade 5

A juicy red paradise watermelon.Collin L., Grade 4

Watermelon – a bite of sweetness in every slice.Kylie M., Grade 4

Wonderfully mouth watering watermelon.Lia P., Grade 4

Watermelon is “snow” good.Faigy S., Grade 5
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