Use the Whole Watermelon

Did you know that 100% of watermelon is usable? Yes, even the rind! Whether you’re eco-, budget- or health-conscious (or just taste-conscious!), challenge yourself to use the whole watermelon – flesh, juice and rind.


  • Health Friendly

    Watermelon is cholesterol-, fat- and sodium-free, an excellent source of vitamins A and C, a good source of vitamin B6, contains the antioxidant lycopene and the amino acid citrulline, is 92% water (supporting hydration) and only 80 calories per 2-cup serving.

  • Wallet Friendly

    Watermelon is an excellent value: just one watermelon can feed up to three dozen people – ranking it #1 on the list of budget-friendly fruits at only 17 cents per serving2.

  • Earth Friendly

    It’s reported that 40% of food in the U.S. goes to waste3. Using watermelon rind in recipes, as serving vessels or even in composting can create less food waste.

1 Gunders, D. (2012). Wasted: How America is Losing Up to 40 of Its Food From Farm to Fork to Landfill. National Resources Defense Council. Retrieved April 29, 2015 from
2 2016 IR FreshLook POS.
3 2010 Perishables Group Study


  • Use Watermelon Flesh

    Use Watermelon Flesh

    From deep reds and pinks, to oranges, yellows and white, watermelon flesh adds a sunset of hues and sweet flavors to dishes year-round.
    Try it...
    - Diced into salads or salsas (tip: grab fresh cuts from the store for quick and easy!)
    - Skewered and grilled as kebobs
    - As a “personal” or mini watermelon when you don’t need too much
    - Simply enjoy a big, juicy slice!

  • Use Watermelon Juice

    Use Watermelon Juice

    At 92% water, watermelon is an excellent choice for staying hydrated. Overripe watermelon? Don’t throw it out! Instead, juice or puree it to retain the value and nutrition.
    Try it...
    - Blended into smoothies – ideal for breakfast or as pre-workout fuel
    - Mixed into your favorite cocktail
    - Straight up! Pure watermelon juice is delicious and refreshing

  • Use Watermelon Rind

    Use Watermelon Rind

    Get more from your watermelon! The rind is often the most overlooked part of the watermelon. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how delicious and fun eating the rind can be.
    Try it...
    - Sliced into a crunchy stir fry
    - Fermented for sweet-salty pickles
    - As a vessel or centerpiece for salsas, salads or smoothie bowls


  • How to Cut

    How to Cut Watermelon Dices and Cubes
  • How to Juice

    How to Make Watermelon Juice and Aqua Fresca Recipe
  • How to Rind

    How to Rind a Watermelon
  • Mojito Watermelon Salad

    Summertime Mojito Watermelon Salad
  • Refreshing Watermelon Cooler

    Refreshing Watermelon Cooler
  • Watermelon Rind Coleslaw

    Watermelon Rind Coleslaw


So, you bought a whole what? One watermelon can easily be broken down into multiple delicious meals or snacks. Use these menus as a guide for using the whole watermelon.

  • On the Go:

    On the GO
  • Weekday Meals 1:

    Weekday Meals 1
  • Weekday Meals 2:

    Weekday Meals 2
  • Mini Watermelons:

    Mini Watermelons
  • Party Edition:

    Party Edition


Use the Whole Watermelon recipe inspiration from our 2017 recipe contest winners:

  • Flesh, Juice & Rind

    Watermelon Rind Kimchi Burger

    "Watermelon Rind Kimchi Burger” by Shauna Havey (Roy, UT)

  • Flesh

    Zesty Watermelon Chicken Salad Tortilla Cups

    “Zesty Watermelon Chicken Salad Tortilla Cups” by Shannon Kohn (Simpsonville, SC)

  • Juice

    Lime-Mint Watermelon Granita Ice Cream

    “Lime-Mint Watermelon Granita with No-Churn Feta Ice Cream” by Carmell Childs (Clawson, UT)

  • Rind

    Roasted Watermelon Rind Parmesan

    “Roasted Watermelon Rind Parmesan” by Helen Fields (Paradise, TX)


  • 3 Ways to Use the Whole Watermelon
  • 3 Ways to Eat the Rind
  • Slice of Health: you can eat the whole watermelon


Carvings are a fantastic way to utilize the whole watermelon – whether creating a fun centerpiece or using as a vessel!

  • Watermelon KegWatermelon Keg
  • Watermelon GrillWatermelon Grill
  • Watermelon CactusWatermelon Cactus


  • Go Ahead...Eat the Whole Watermelon

    Go Ahead...Eat the whole watermelon
  • Sweet Meets Spicy

    Sweet Meets Spicy
  • Reserve the Rind

    Reserve the Rind
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Use the whole watermelon – flesh, juice and rind.

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