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Individual companies in the wholesale produce markets of the US and Canada do not generally sell to the eventual consumers of watermelon. As a result, most are unaware of the programs, services and materials available through the National Watermelon Promotion Board. This section of the website provides information and links to the various appropriate sections and offers ideas and assistance to those companies and individuals looking to increase their sales of watermelon and/or knowledge of the product. For those wholesalers not handling watermelon, please review the information below for ideas on how to sell more of the products you carry by combining them with watermelon.

Customer Specific Assistance

Restaurant Owners/Chefs: For those selling to local restaurants or individual chefs, offers a comprehensive list of simple, attractive recipes using watermelon for all meal occasions.

Key selling points to these customers are the following:

Small Local Retailers

For local retail chains or Mom & Pop grocery stores, the wholesaler will probably be the only source of information on the promotional programs of for watermelon.  Wholesalers should feel free to order promotional materials for their customers and encourage them to contact the NWPB directly through

Food Service Operations

Business, educational and healthcare food service operations are primarily concerned with availability of product and lowest possible serving cost per plate.  They will be interested in the year round availability of watermelon from their local wholesale market, the latest information on health attributes, the safety and traceability aspects of watermelon, and, of course the comparatively low cost of watermelon as a menu item.

Finding a Supplier

During the domestic growing season, watermelon grower/shippers can be found by contacting the various state and regional watermelon associations. Watermelons are grown across the US from mid-spring through early autumn, starting in the far south of the country and moving north as warmer weather brings each growing region into harvest.

Statistical Data / Research

The NWPB monitors and develops production, sales and consumption data on watermelon throughout the year. This information is available to anyone on request. Regionally specific information can also be provided on an as-needed basis.

The NWPB also commissions consumer research annually to keep track of changing trends in purchase behavior and help determine appropriate and effective messaging and promotional activities.

In addition, the NWPB commissions scientific research on the health aspects of watermelon. Every year the NWPB helps to fund a variety of research projects whose results are shared in the scientific, health and nutrition journals. For more information on the most recent projects, please contact the Director of Marketing and Communications direct by emailing

All of this information is available to you and your customers at no charge. The NWPB is the only organization in the world providing these services and is constantly working to improve and expand the quality and effectiveness of its programs.  We welcome your feedback and ideas on how to better help you serve your customers and expand your business.

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